Sunday, 5 October 2014

MESH DREAM: Character Sheet

Click here for MESH DREAM Character Sheet

I am working on the next version of Mesh Dream and will post it when I have completed my next round of playtesting.

I updated the sheet to fix a typo.

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Included here, a short (non exclusive) list of the mad visions that inspire Mesh Dream.

Her (Spike Jonze): Prelude to the Singularity.
12 Monkeys, Brazil (Terry Gilliam): When humans are components of their own mechanisms. The horrible grind of recursive patterns.
Solyaris (Andrei Tarkovski): Failure to communicate, the language of experiences.

the Prisoner (BBC): An artificial society trapped in its own patterns. Unthinking obeyance. The strangeness of the Herd. The rebel.
Dr Who from the 80s: Strange communities threatened in a way that only an outsider can resolve.

J G Ballard’s short stories and novellas: Space, Time , Human Perception and Memory are facets of the same universal constant. Megastructures, Transformation,Epic strangeness
the Hyperion Cantos (Dan Simmons): Epic scope, AIs, Humans, shenanigans. Megastructures. Unique vision.
Feersum Endjinn, The Bridge and the Culture novels (Iain M. Banks) Megastructures, epic scope. AIs and Humans, impending doom, calculated responses.
the God Whale (T. J. Bass): What will humanity do to survive? What tools will they create and what will those tools become?
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams): There's no place like home.

Blam! (Tsutomu Nihei): Megastructure. Emptiness. Strangeness.

King City, Prophet, Multiple Warheads (Brandon Graham): Strangeness, sensibilities, scope. Is there any doubt that the future will be confrontingly weird?

Transistor: stylish. 
Alpha Complex of Paranoia rpg: All hail the Computer.
NaissanceE: The nearest thing to the Structure that I have seen.

The music of Eduard Artemiev (soundtracks for Solyaris and Stalker).
Koyaanisquatsi (Philip Glass)
Spektrmodule podcast (Warren Ellis)
Future Sound of London and their contemporaries.