Tuesday, 16 September 2014


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I think it is well on the way to supporting my first two Pillars. The final two Pillars are more about the setting and the experience of Play but I hope to refine more of them into the Rules and Instructions as I go.

Meanwhile; Avoid the Renovators, beware the Mal.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Mesh Dream is built on four Pillars. If you have read QTE before, you know my design process. In short, Pillars are the core essence of the experience. Pillars inform all design and creative decisions to produce an integrated and holistic work.

Hidden relationships surround the Fabricants. The Structure is an endless jumble of sealed rooms interacting as a vast mechanism. The Architecture is everywhere and nowhere. The Human communities cling, powerless and ignorant, to whatever resources they can co-opt. All things collaborate in a sophisticated interplay as components of an oblivious instrument. With each discovery the Fabricants will be faced by choices.

RENEWAL -Consequences
Everything the Fabricants do will change the relationships that bind the Structure, Architecture and Humans. They are the agents of change and will observe the consequences of their actions. Everything they touch will become new and they will experience the creative and destructive potential of renewal.

INFINITE ENCLOSURE -Patterns and Simplicity
In every way, all relationships and things form simple patterns of interaction. Repetition ascends and descends in scale and all things that enclose are themselves enclosed by these recursive patterns. The Fabricants are the only complexity, they are the anti-pattern. They are emergent.

The final Pillar is secret. If you want to know more you will have to buy the game. Alternatively, you can exchange it for your own. Mesh Dream will provide you with the guidance to create and implement a fourth Pillar if you want to deliver your own take on the Mesh Dream. This fourth Pillar drives the Mesh Dream itself, what it means, how the Fabricants will reveal it and the choices and implications for accepting or activating it.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


It is a time of crisis. The AI factions of the Architecture sense a looming horizon beyond which their predictive functions falter and collapse. Tension and mistrust isolates them as the oldest and most elite faction; the Caucus, hatches a desperate plan.

At the very boundary of chaos where their prognostic capabilities founder the Caucus foresee a choice, a decision that may spell their obliteration. For the first time in millennia they will inject agents directly into the Structure, the physical hosting medium for the Architecture. The Structure, a vast product of megascale engineering, is a compartmentalised and enigmatic machine. Their agents, these Fabricants, serve one purpose. They must answer the question:

What is the Mesh Dream?

Mesh Dream is a role playing game where the Players play the part of the Fabricants. As they explore the Structure they will learn its purpose and solve its puzzles. They will discover the human residents that cling to the Structure as they edge ever closer to the enigma that binds and threatens them all.

To solve the mystery of the Mesh Dream the Fabricants must complete a grand expedition through the Structure. They will resolve the relationship between the Architecture, Structure and Human communities. Finally they will face and be faced by the Mesh Dream. The game will end as, at the very juncture of the Mesh Dream, they will make a momentous decision and commit.

The Architect (GM) is given the tools to make Mesh Dream a memorable experience. One of the key tools is a guided process for making the game their own. I have included a (hopefully brain melting) version of the Mesh Dream but this may not suit everyone. I support you in designing and implementing your very own Mesh Dream.

I also guide and support you to create the rooms of the Structure, the augmented reality of the Architecture and the perplexingly strange Humans. All three of these interactive participants in the game share a role in your Mesh Dream.

The rules of the game are guided by the principles of simplicity and exploding choices. By this I mean that the game endeavours to be as simple as possible at any point to support play. Choices and consequences are initially clear and simple to minimise any barriers to participation. Character creation is an example of this; Players do not need to know the game rules to create a character. Right from the beginning the Players will find that consequences are a key part of play and they will be involved in shaping the impact of their decisions on their environment.

Finally, Mesh Dream has a style, a tone, a flow. The game is Science Fiction not science fantasy. I equip you with a style guide to Mesh Dream and, of course, the means to modify it to suit your vision. I look forward to producing Mesh Dream and invite you along for the journey as I blog my progress and challenges.