Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Mesh Dream is built on four Pillars. If you have read QTE before, you know my design process. In short, Pillars are the core essence of the experience. Pillars inform all design and creative decisions to produce an integrated and holistic work.

Hidden relationships surround the Fabricants. The Structure is an endless jumble of sealed rooms interacting as a vast mechanism. The Architecture is everywhere and nowhere. The Human communities cling, powerless and ignorant, to whatever resources they can co-opt. All things collaborate in a sophisticated interplay as components of an oblivious instrument. With each discovery the Fabricants will be faced by choices.

RENEWAL -Consequences
Everything the Fabricants do will change the relationships that bind the Structure, Architecture and Humans. They are the agents of change and will observe the consequences of their actions. Everything they touch will become new and they will experience the creative and destructive potential of renewal.

INFINITE ENCLOSURE -Patterns and Simplicity
In every way, all relationships and things form simple patterns of interaction. Repetition ascends and descends in scale and all things that enclose are themselves enclosed by these recursive patterns. The Fabricants are the only complexity, they are the anti-pattern. They are emergent.

The final Pillar is secret. If you want to know more you will have to buy the game. Alternatively, you can exchange it for your own. Mesh Dream will provide you with the guidance to create and implement a fourth Pillar if you want to deliver your own take on the Mesh Dream. This fourth Pillar drives the Mesh Dream itself, what it means, how the Fabricants will reveal it and the choices and implications for accepting or activating it.