Saturday, 1 February 2014

Bandit Country: Modules

Below are the Modules used during a session of Bandit Country. These Modules interact to form the rules and guidelines of the game and to give the Moderator (GM) some useful tools for creating real-time content if they prefer a more sand-box style of play.

A minigame that Players use to create Consultants. Already described here.

This hub module informs all other modules in the game.Tempo generates random numbers for resolution, included as part of a 7 digit number string. These strings can then be used for resolution such as in the Risk Module and True/False booleans for navigating the Consequence and Opportunity Flowcharts.
Tempo also manages Risk mitigation projects used by Players to avoid Consequences.

A flowchart used by Players to Define Objectives, Assess and Address Risks and then Apply controls and assets to complete Activities and Recruitment. A reflexive Review component of the Risk cycle encourages the Consultant to identify Opportunities.

A flowchart used by the Moderator to track outcomes for failed Activities and Recruitment. It outputs Complications and Trauma, the immediate outcomes of failed Risk Mitigation.
It also maintains The Dossier; the evidence that the Consultants leave behind when they take Risks. As The Dossier grows the chance of capture and intervention grows. 

A minigame for Players. They can use this module to arrange and rearrange their recruited Assets to better serve their Objectives. Clever Network play might just keep the Dossier out of the hands of the Authorities. Or keeping the Consultant out of the hands of the Authorities if The Dossier is revealed, at the cost of burning the Network.

Drawing from the number strings that feed out of the Tempo Module, the Review component of the Risk Module and the unfavorable outcomes of the Consequence Module, this Module generates real time Candidates (for recruitment), Situations (Risks) and Objectives.