Friday, 21 November 2014

Trail of the Scorpion has released!

Race like a pack of Terrolinian Wolves to buy it here. If you wisely decide that you would prefer to join the Order of the Scribe, pre-order a print + pdf copy here

Trail of the Scorpion is a great opportunity to get onboard Rocket Age, the radium fueled game of interplanetary adventure. You get six Episodes (one by yours truly) constructed to be played alone or in sequence as an epic campaign.

If you haven't checked it out before, now is a great time. Rocket Age won an ENnie earlier this year as the game most likely to get you eaten on Venus, enslaved by the Mind Dunes of the Moon, pursued by Nazi war walkers on Mars and disintegrated in high orbit over Europa. Supplements to the core rules offer more hero options - Heroes of the Solar System, locations -Blood Red Mars and the Asteroid Belt and a glittering handful of episodic adventures.

I look forward to comments and reviews as GMs get their hands on Trail of the Scorpion and from players as they experience it. Working on it was a great learning experience and I feel that I have improved as a writer and game designer. 

Onwards and upwards Rocket Rangers, turn your heels to the Sun.
Blast into the unknown, it's where all the cool kids are a'goin'.
Make allies of strangers, get good deeds done.