Monday, 18 November 2013

What is Bandit Country?

Bandit Country is the RPG of espionage and covert action for-hire. Players adopt the role of contractors in the shady world of freelance intelligence and special activities. Private enterprise, individuals and governments all have conflicting objectives and sometimes they need things done quickly, quietly and with minimal overhead. These stakeholders often operate complex systems of surveillance and digital intrusion but lack the `soft assets’, the human networks that are the ultimate enabler if the agency ever needs to directly interact `in country’. Your job is to identify a need and set up these networks and franchise them off or better yet, find a commission or patron who will provide tasking and a budget to match.

  • TIME. Time is always counting up and down. Everything that matters is measured by time. Stopwatch and countdown are important tools for resolution and plot progression.
  • REAL. These Stories could be real. A Risk economy will be a key component of play.
  • MOBILE. The game can be played using the apps on a smartphone. Maps, clock, search. The game will be easily played online so no `components’ required. How does this affect character representation?
  • HUMAN. BC is about the human angle. The big players have the sophisticated tools. The contractors have locality, the willingness to adopt risk and specific skill sets.